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Heisterkamp-ancestors.com is a privately funded ancestors crowd sourcing project for members of the worldwide family with the surname Heisterkamp and those related to them. The purpose is to look and see who your ancestors are, or help us find them or find ancestors of other family members, see who you are related to, read about history and places, or just browse through some old pictures. All of this on non-profit base, just out of curiosity for the past and the present of this family.

Congratulations for Johannes Pannemann Heisterkamp in 1930

Congratulations for Johannes Heisterkamp in 1930 on his 104th birthday. The citizens of Lowick gave him a party where 50 men older then 80 came to congratulate him. Johannes "Pannemann" was at that time the oldest man in Germany. Later that year he died.

Johannes Pannemann

Heinrich Frits Heisterkamp on Junyo Maru

In September 1944 5620 Dutch, English, Australian and American POWs and Javanese slave labourers died when the 5000 ton Japanese cargo boat Junyo Maru - under the command of Japanese Forces - was torpedoed off the western coast of Sumatra by a British submarine HMS Tradewind. The prisoners were on their way to Padang to be put to work on the Pakanbaru - Muara Railway in Sumatra. Not as famous as the Burma Railway but just as deadly! On board Heinrich Frits Heisterkamp, born on 18-11-1905 at Poeloeh Weh, KNIL soldier.

Junya Maru


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Weir Gang Chicago

Jacob Heisterkamp member of “Weir Gang” Chicago

Survived Buchenwald

Ludwig Heisterkamp survived death march Buchenwald.

Death sentence Alida

Alida Heisterkamp sentenced to death by strangulation

Plane crash

Plane crash descendant Marie Heisterkamp

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Since 2012 we publish found members of the worldwide families with the surname Heisterkamp online and try to place them in family trees.
Many visitors who are in one way or another connected to this surname helped us with additions, improvements and often beautiful old photos. We have already mapped out more than 15,000 family members in this way. However, the old website started to break technically, which is why we started to transfer everything to this new website. However, this has to be done by hand, so it will take several months.
Feel free to visit this website from time to time to see how far we are and whether we already have your family line. Additions, improvements, but also old photos are always welcome!

~Hans Heisterkamp

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